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Tales of Life and Death: Narrative Shorts

  • Circle Cinema - Theater 3 10 South Lewis Avenue Tulsa, OK, 74104 United States (map)

The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr.

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 12 min.
Directed by Ryan Fox

SYNOPSIS: Thomas Thumb Jr. is unlike any other man. He's got a giant thumb for a head and he'll do whatever it takes to achieve the American Dream.

Rosie, Oh

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 9 min.
Directed by Andy Koeger

SYNOPSIS: An unsupervised little girl wanders into her neighbor's house looking for her lost dog.

On Time

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 8 min.
Directed by Xavier Burgin

SYNOPSIS: A mother living in South Central LA must make a difficult decision when she's late for her job interview.

Renmen Periode

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 4 min. / Oklahoma Ties
Directed by Wes DeHart

SYNOPSIS: A man suffering from hallucinations and glimpses from another world tries to connect with the woman who bewitched him, but has since passed on to the other side.


NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 3 min.
Directed by Nathan Crooker

SYNOPSIS: A man's TV only shows static, until the picture comes through and looks eerily close to home.

The Great Accountant

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 14 min.
Directed by Michael Quigley

SYNOPSIS: The marriage of two classically trained musicians descends swiftly through purgatory and into hell.

Dust to Dust

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 2 min.
Directed by Joel Edwards

SYNOPSIS: Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.


NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 30 min.
Directed by Jonathan Chekroune

SYNOPSIS: Sasha is the story of a young Russian woman living in New York City. Her problem is an expired visa, until she meets a stranger who offers help...

The Piano's Fate

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 9 min. / Oklahoma Ties
Directed by Dex Burnom

SYNOPSIS: A man who has lost his wife finds relief through a mystical piano.

Sleep on It

NARRATIVE SHORT / Runtime: 5 min.
Directed by Nathan Breton

SYNOPSIS: Doug's new bed changes his life.

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