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Short Films:

Barbara Van Hanken

Barbara founded the Crested Butte Reel Fest in Crested Butte. In Tulsa, she organized and directed the Oklahoma Centennial Film Festival in Tulsa as well as hosted a week long Water Film Festival during Earth Week a few years ago at the Circle Cinema. She also served on the board of directors for the Circle Cinema Foundation for three years.  Most recently, Barbara created the Earth Matters Film Series at the Circle Cinema for six months beginning on Earth Day with a monthly environmental film. 

Barbara is currently the chair of Oklahoma Chapter Sierra Club where she collaborates with the Green Team of All Souls church on a continuing Earth Matters Film Series. Barbara has a passion for film and love watching movies.


Michael Wright

Michael Wright is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Creative Writing at The University of Tulsa, where he teaches Screenwriting and Playwriting.   His books include the just-published Sensory Writing for Stage and Screen (Hackett Publishers).  Other books include Playwriting Master Class, 2nd ed. and Playwriting in Process, 2nd ed.  His poems, plays, and fiction have appeared in This Land, The Elvis Monologues, A Grand Entrance: Scenes and Monologues for Mature Actors,  Monologues from the Road,  Rio Grande Review, Voces Fronterizas,  Moondance Film Festival, Shoestring Radio Theatre, and the National Audio Theatre Festival.


Joshua Kline

Joshua Kline is a writer and editor for The Tulsa Voice and a contributor to the VIDEODRONE podcast.

Daniel Tarr

Daniel Tarr is short film director born, raised, and educated in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Daniel’s films have won multiple awards, including the  best Oklahoma Short Film award at the DeadCenter Film Festival for his film “Sherman and Pacifico” starring Javier Bardem and Marc Sherman.  Daniel currently produces, edits, and shoots films in Austin, TX. 




Josh Emanuel Josh Emanuel has a BFA in film and television from NYU. He sometimes makes films. Josh's last short has the distinction of being the only film to play both the Tulsa Overground Film Festival and the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. He has written about film for the Chicago Tribune and Ain't It Cool News, and he is currently a contributor to Tulsa's Videodrone podcast.


Joe O'Shansky

When ShaftWilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Straw Dogs came out in 1971, so did Joe. Transplanted from New York to Tulsa, he ultimately wound up seeing all of those movies. Joe writes about cinema, local and otherwise, for The Tulsa Voice and is a co-contributor to Videodrone Tulsa, T-Town's only worth a shit movies and pop culture podcast. In his humble opinion.


University of Tulsa Short Films:













Toby Morton

Toby began his career in comedy performing and writing for the hit television show, SOUTH PARK. In 2005 he and the writing team earned SOUTH PARK its first Emmy. Toby has also written for FOX Television's MADtv, not only writing sketches, but also writing his own animated shorts. In 2007 Toby created the animated series BAD KITTY, which was the first original comedy to launch on E!online. Toby has also contributed to scripted projects for Warner Brothers Pictures and Disney. After his 12-month comedy tour of Ireland and the UK where he wrote and performed his work, including a month a long run at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, he began pre-production for his new short animated series, SANDBOX WEEKLY, which covers current events through the eys of a 6 year-old and his box of crayons.  Twitter.com/sandboxweekly


Christopher Long

A University of Tulsa grad, Christopher’s first job was as an associate producer on a feature length film. From there he found a job immediately out of college working as an editor as well as accumulating skills as a writer and director for commercials at a local production house.

Breaking out on his own, he has continued working as a freelancer starting Rough House Creative, a production team with Charles Elmore as well as a studio hub for other creatives where he continues to work on music videos, short films, features and documentaries.

Continually hired on with large ad agencies such as Brothers & Company to assistant direct as well as produce large commercial spots, Christopher has teamed up with 2 graphic designers and a photographer to form Catapult,
a nimble collective that can offer agency quality work for a variety of clients.


Charles Elmore

Charles Elmore is a filmmaker from Tulsa, OK. He has been working in the Tulsa Film and video industry since 2000 and has worked on dozens of films, music videos, and commercials. His work has taken him across the United States, as well as to Haiti and Fiji.

In addition to collaborating as Director of Photography on short films, commercials and corporate identity videos, Charles has written and directed two feature length films.

He is passionate about filmmaking in Oklahoma and collaborating with other local filmmakers and artists. Always looking for ways to challenge himself as an artist, Charles enjoys exploring new ways of telling stories through film and video.