June, Adrift, directed by Adrienne Subia

Narrative feature; 84 minutes.  

Emma is an aspiring sound designer in LA stuck paying the bills by creating sound effects for pornos. Barkley has secretly dropped out of graduate school but still pretends to go every morning so her Polish immigrant family doesn't have to find out she fizzled. And Rachel is the best elementary school teacher in the world but has a completely empty life when she's not at school. After hearing that Emma's parents have abandoned her failed boat building project to the trash collectors, the three women drive to rural Maryland to rescue and restore both the boat and their pride.

Oklahoma ties: actress and writer Cassie Ramoska. Tulsa Premiere.

Screening Friday, October 16, 8:05 p.m. at Circle Cinema, preceded by the short film Crouching Lion, Hidden Treasure.

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