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Okie Student Shorts

  • Circle Cinema Theater 2 10 S Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK, 74104 United States (map)


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Narrative Short/Comedy / Runtime: 6 Mins
Directed by Halle Frieden

SYNOPSIS: An insecure girl tries to enjoy her time at a hotel pool.


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Narrative Short/Comedy / Runtime: 9 Mins
Directed by Matthew Hanisch

SYNOPSIS: When a grandmother hesitates to try a new product designed to combat the effects of her dementia, her grandson must help her overcome her fears to improve both their lives.

Self Portrait

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Documentary Short / Runtime: 3 Mins / LGBTQ, Native American
Directed by Faun Harjo

SYNOPSIS: Struggling with gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural identity has been a normal aspect of my life. Being pulled in and out of native culture and feeling like my queerness was unwelcome by my people, I separated myself for years. Now I explore my relationship with my culture by decolonizing myself and others by sharing my identity openly and honestly.


Photo 4 Hazer_film_still4.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 7 Mins / Horror
Directed by Sara Eustaquio

SYNOPSIS: Something unusual happens while a group of young people is hanging out by the pool at night.

The Father's Melody

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Narrative Short / Runtime: 11 Mins / Christian
Directed by Matthew Simonson

SYNOPSIS: A bitter man revisits his childhood home after his father passes away, and is forced to come to terms with the music and the faith he abandoned long ago.

Don't Try This At Home

Photo 4 Dont_Try_This_At_Home_SS_8.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 6 Mins / Comedy
Directed by Tim Massey

SYNOPSIS: After a messy breakup, a girl drowns her sorrows at a roller rink.

Price of Living


Narrative Short / Runtime: 9 Mins
Directed by Chandler Berrett

SYNOPSIS: A 1930s African American bit actor struggles over his distaste for the racist stereotypes he portrays on-screen and the need to feed his family.

bás a dhó

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Narrative Short / Runtime: 8 Mins
Directed by Ty Tush

SYNOPSIS: Four people, an axe, a knife, a bottle, a book, & a fire.


B_O Still.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 9 Mins
Directed by Ray SaVonne & Anastacia C.C. Davis

SYNOPSIS: As a college student battles with her own insecurities, she is faced with a decision that could change the course of her life forever.

Aging Bull

Photo 1 AgingBull_001.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 3 Mins / Animation
Directed by Jake Mohan

SYNOPSIS: A boxing match between old friends.

Back in the Saddle

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Documentary Short / Runtime: 20 Mins
Directed by Jacob Jolly

SYNOPSIS: After suffering a debilitating cycling injury, Caleb Corff decides to sign up for the longest race he's ever done. Through the peaks and valleys of his training, he learns a priceless lesson about life.

Earlier Event: October 12
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