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(Free) Latino American Short Film Program

  • Gilcrease Museum North Gilcrease Museum Road Tulsa, OK, 74127 United States (map)

All That We Carry

Photo 1 allthatwecarry-laundro.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 9 Min
Directed by Erin Kokdil

SYNOPSIS: A Guatemalan woman tries to make a new home in Oakland. But can a new beginning erase a painful past?

The Cook


Narrative Short / Runtime: 9 Min
Directed by Gianluca Morganti

SYNOPSIS: An illegal Latino immigrant works grueling hours in a restaurant kitchen to provide for his pregnant wife.

Meeting Brown

Photo 1 Meeting_Brown_.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 10 Min
Directed by Ana Lydia Monaco

SYNOPSIS: A LatinaX woman is forced to choose between her culture or a future with the man she loves.



Narrative Short / Runtime: 24 Min
Directed by Felix Martez

SYNOPSIS: A young factory manager is forced to choose between what is right and what is legal when ICE raids the factory and a friend is deported and separated from her daughter.


Photo 5 Final_Edit_Round_2.00_02_36_10.Still017.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 5 Min
Directed by Melissa De Leon

SYNOPSIS: Diana, a young mother, fears what comes in the night.


Photo 1 MESTIZO_01.jpg

Narrative Short / Runtime: 17 Min
Directed by Kristofer Karlsson

SYNOPSIS: Two young migrants attempt to cross a deadly stretch of desert known as the "Devils Highway" between the U.S./Mexico border.


Photo 7 DACAmented6.jpg

Narrative Doc / Runtime: 17 Min
Directed by St. Clair Detrick-Jules

SYNOPSIS: Nine fearless and young DACA recipients narrate their wrenching stories about navigating life under Trump.