Best Narrative Feature Film: Fools
Best Documentary Feature Film: By Blood                                                                     Best Feature Film Screenplay: Fools
Best Feature Film Director: Marcos Barbery and Sam Russell, By Blood
Best Feature Film Actor: Michael Szeles, Fools
Best Feature Film Actress: Mary Cross, Fools
Best Cast Ensemble: June, Adrift

Best Feature Film Cinematographer: Korey Kaczmarek and Phill Baribeau, Unbranded                                                                                                                                                 SHORT FILMS


Tulsa American Film Festival is proud to launch the Bill Blair Award for Achievement in Film.

Our first recipient is Dr. Joseph A. Kestner.

Best Narrative Short Film: Lightning in the Hand
Best Documentary Short Film: Sol
Best Short Film Director: Joey Grossfield, Lightning in the Hand
Best Short Film Actor: Michael Tow, East of Hollywood
Best Short Film Actress: Rebecca Henderson, Actresses
Best Short Film Cinematographer: Abraham Polinsky, Sol
Best Short Film Screenplay: Chris Caccioppoli, East of Hollywood

Special Recognition: First Contact


Best Student Film: Hard Felt
Best Student Director: Steven King, Hard Felt
Best Student Cinematographer: Chris Galegar and Steve Pondelik
Best Student Screenplay: Broke Down At The Oasis